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Jennifer's Links

These are links to Jennifer's business (we are IBOs in Amway Global) ...

Health and Beauty
Ribbon Gifts

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Computer Tips & Tricks

Antivirus & Firewall

Most everyone realizes that antivirus and firewalls are must-have protection.  But what are they, why are they needed, and which ones are best?

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Optimizing Vista

The end result of this process for Vista is that the laptop will boot faster from cold start and the RAM gauge should decelerates to around 15% - 18% fluctuation with no applications running.

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Job Articles

Dress for the Interview

Every job interview is about being judged, at least partially, by how you present yourself.

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Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Many people looking for jobs destroy their resumes by accompanying them with halfhearted or downright terrible cover letters.

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You may have your resume and cover letter perfect, but what about your references?

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Purpose:  To get that personal interview.

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Applying Online

This information from my own job hunting, as well as assisting others in their job searches; primarily applying online.

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Welcome to Bob Fornal's site

Welcome to the new website.

I will be featuring several of my projects on this site ...

e-Learning and Technical Writing Demonstrations HERE

Microsoft Office Master Certified!


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A+ and Network+ Certified!


COMPTIA A+ Certified



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  • Background Images for Single-Display and Dual-Display Computers [LINK HERE].




Being Optimized for Battle
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